Unmatched Pricing, Unmatched Quality.

DirectPeer, greatly simplifies call routing through the network thus introducing dramatically superior economics, and consistently enhanced call quality.

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A Trusted Partner

EvComm was conceived by consulting firm JSI to create products that enhance the technical, strategic and financial position of today’s ILEC. EvComm’s first product – DirectPeer, greatly simplifies call routing through the network thus introducing dramatically superior economics, and consistently enhanced call quality. Supporting the technology and innovation behind our solutions is a team with decades of experience creating and supporting solutions for the ILEC and CLEC carrier communities. We have a deep understanding of the evolving needs of today's service provider, and a demonstrated unwavering commitment to serving those needs. Our commitment and pledge is to be a true and active strategic partner to those we serve.

DirectPeer Originating

Represents a solution that optimizes the cost and quality of your presubscribed long distance traffic. In today’s voice transport world, margins are tight, and consistent quality is often illusive.

DirectPeer produces superior economics by establishing a direct peering relationship between the networks serving the caller and called party. Through the exclusive use of IP, and a "flattening of the network", the enhanced eficiencies associated with EvComm’s peering fabric produce markedly better economics, and connecting the carriers on either side of the call path completely eliminates the prospect for least cost routing.

In short, EvComm’s DirectPeer delivers both unmatched pricing and quality.

DirectPeer Terminating

Inbound call quality has effected the ILEC community for over a decade. Additionally, many ILECS face continual collection diffculties associated with the timely, full payment of CABS for traffic terminating to their networks. DirectPeer is designed to address both issues head on. By connecting participating IXC’s directly to an ILEC’s end-office, and extending extremely economical rates for such dedicated connections, IXC’s have an economical means by which terminate traffic to rural exchanges.

Elimination of LCR from the terminating call path eradicates systemic inbound call quality – period. Additionally, JSI/EvComm guarantees the timely payment for all terminating traffic to participating ILECS – no more PVU, PIU or volume disputes – if a call terminates to your company through a DirectPeer terminating route, you’ll receive timely payment at your tariffed rate.


EvComm Peering – Consistently Superior Quality, Materially Lower Pricing:

EvComm’s Originating DirectPeer eliminates all LCR on outbound traffic by creating a direct peered connection between your subscriber and the terminating caller. The result, fundamentally better economics, and consistently superior call quality.

EvComm’s Terminating DirectPeer eliminates ILEC inbound call quality issues, eliminates CABS billing disputes, and insures timely CABS Payments on all associated traffic. For IXC’s, Terminating DirectPeer guarantees 1 hop routing, and FCC safe harbor status – economic terminations, and guaranteed call quality.