Introducing DirectPeer™

DirectPeer greatly simplifies call routing through the network thus introducing dramatically superior economics, and consistently enhanced call quality. Our Guarantee...Better Quality and Significant Savings!

Unmatched Quality and Price:

EvComm’s Direct-Peer Originating solution eliminates Least Cost Routing for outbound toll traffic by creating a direct connection between your subscriber and the network serving the called party. By eliminating outdated technologies and antiquated approaches to carrier transport, in conjunction with an organizational DNA focused on value for our customers, EvComm can generate important savings, often up to 50% on carrier toll costs!

24*7*365 Support:

Our team has spent decades working with ILECs, CLECs and other small and mid-tier carriers, and we stand ready to optimize your carrier needs and unlock important and material margin. Once implemented on our Direct Termination platform, trouble reports will largely be a thing of the past. That being said, EvComm support is available 24*7*365, backed by dual / redundant NOCs staffed by over 40 trained technical staff to address any technical issue that may arise. Additionally, all services are backed by a written SLA outlining our responsiveness and MTTR guarantees. Be assured, no matter the issue, or time of day, our SLA based support solution will insure timely and professional attention to your needs!

State of the Art Fraud Control:

Exposure to costly toll fraud continues to be a serious problem for today’s telecommunications provider, with billions of dollars lost each year due to an evolving array of toll fraud schemes. While some carrier solutions tout Fraud Protection, many rely on outdated, CDR based applications which only detect fraud well after it has occurred. EvComm’s Fraud Detection and Management solution evaluates each SIP invite before it enters our network. Our solution examines traffic by source IP address, calling number, and user agent, as well as referencing defined thresholds associated with traffic volumes to high-risk terminating locations, and will automatically block traffic outside of custom defined thresholds. Additionally, carriers can introduce blacklisted numbers or IP addresses in addition to the default blacklist EvComm incorporates from the GSM Fraud Forum and Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA). This feature will automatically block calls to and from known fraudulent numbers, adding another layer of protection to your network.

Regulatory Compliance

EvComm’s Direct-Peer Terminating Solution has been designed in close collaboration with the National Exchange Carrier Association (NECA) and has been identified as fully NECA compliant! Carriers employing our terminating solution to transport their native traffic are assured of FCC Safe Harbor Status on all terminating routes. ILECS joining our rapidly expanding footprint will realize more consistent inbound call quality, and often higher levels of terminating usage as interexchange carriers bring historic arbitrage oriented traffic back to traditional tariffed based access structures in response to the enhanced economics offered by our solution.

"While there appear to be multiple factors that cause rural call completion problems, one key factor is that a call to a rural area is often handled by numerous different providers in the call’s path."

DirectPeer™ Advantages:

Direct Connection Between the Caller and Called Party: Consistently superior quality.
Lower Rates: With peering based technology directly connecting networks together, rates can be materially reduced often times by 50+%!
Timely CABS: Evcomm will insure timely and full payment of CABS on all terminating minutes. No more PIU, PVU disputes for traffic delivered over on-net routes.

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