About Us

EvComm was conceived by consulting firm JSI to create products that enhance the technical, strategic and financial position of today’s ILEC. Evcomm’s first product – DirectPeer, greatly simplifies call routing through the network thus introducing dramatically superior economics, and consistently enhanced call quality.


Dave Lewis:

A long-time industry veteran with 30 years of service to the rural telecom industry, Dave has pioneered ILEC collaborations designed to assist companies enhance their strategic position, and stewarded the operations of a leading wholesale carrier serving hundreds of ILEC operators. “Our fundamental goal is to enable the strategic interests of the ILEC community, and working hand-in-glove with rural providers, to engineer innovative solutions that enhance margins and broaden competitive opportunities.”

Jay Cox:

An industry veteran with over 30 years of experience in traditional TDM as well as IP-based technologies, Jay brings a wealth of diverse experience to Evcomm, including a rich background in orchestrating direct peering relationships within and among the ILEC community having personally shepherded over 150 such connections among NECA companies. “Our goal at EvComm is to provide the best calling experience for both the calling and called party. Direct connections are the best way to achieve this objective.”

Our Solution:

Simplicity …

It is the cornerstone of our solution. By eliminating Least Cost Routing, and simply connecting the networks of the caller and called party, our solution is liberated from the noise and complexity that impairs the efficiency and effectiveness of prevailing alternatives. Our solution employs a fully redundant cloud-based IP switching infrastructure supporting 99.999% network availability, backed by rigorous SLA’s, and supported by redundant 24*7*365 NOCs equipped with the latest network management software. Our back office solutions employ the professionals of our sister company, Creative Support Solutions, an entity with decades of service to the ILEC, CLEC and CATV communities, insuring timely, accurate and full CABS payments on all EvComm related traffic.